Officers and Board of Directors

Corporate Officers
Board Term Expires (4) 2018, (5) 2019, (6) 2020, (S) Special
Corporate Officer terms are for two years

Mr. Dana Goward (Bio)*6
USCG Senior Executive Service (Ret.)
MCPO-CG Charles "Skip" Bowen (Bio)*6
USCG (Ret.)

Wayne Spivak (Bio)*6§
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer
USCG Auxiliary
Anne Skelton (Bio)*5
Anne Kifer (Bio)*5
CDR Gary M. Thomas (Bio)*4
VP for History and Heritage
USCG (Ret.)
CWO4 Brandon Brewer (Bio)*4
Public Information Officer
USCG (Ret.)

* Officers who are also Directors
Board member terms are 3 years with a maximum of 3 terms.
§ Audit Committee

Board Of Directors**

In addition to the aforementioned Officers
Board Term Expires (3) 2017, (4) 2018, (5) 2019, (6) 2020, (S) Special
§ Audit Committee

(In alphabetical order)

VADM Jody Breckenridge (Bio)4
USCG (Ret.)
COL Mark G. Cianciolo 6
USMC (Ret.)
John Cooper (Bio)5
USCG Auxiliary
LCDR Bud Darr (Bio)5
USCG (Ret.)

Joseph Frohnhoefer III (Bio)4
CAPT John C. Fuechsel (Bio)4
USCG (Ret.)
Founding Board Member

Rob Griffiths5
Cruise Lines International Association

CDR Donald Jaccard5
USCG (Ret.)

RADM Joseph Nimmich (Bio)6
USCG (Ret.)

Edward F. O’Brien 4

RADM James C. Olson (Bio)5
USCG (Ret.)

CDR Kenneth S. Prime (Bio)4
USCG (Ret.)
CAPT Joseph Re6
USCG (Ret.)
CAPT Warren Soloduk6
USCG (Ret.)
LCDR Paul Steward (Bio)6
USCG (Ret.)
RADM James Van Sice (Bio)5 §
USCG (Ret.)
COMO Rick WashburnS
National Commodore
USCG Auxiliary
Board Of Directors-Elect**
Board Term Expires (4) 2018, (5) 2019, (6) 2020 (S) Special


** Board member terms are 3 years with a maximum of 3 terms.

Chairman Emeritus
VADM Terry Cross
USCG (Ret.)
Past Chairman
Director Emeritus
CAPT Steve Sawyer (Bio)
USCG (Ret.)
Past-President – AFRAS
Nicholas L. Ludington
Founding Board Member
David D. Chomeau (Bio)
Rick Kenney
USCG-Amver (Ret.)
Past Board
Sir Stuart Matthews (Bio)

International Advisory Group

Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM)
Jos Stierhout, Director (Bio)

Safe Waters Foundation
Tim de Wet

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
Paul Boissier, Chief Executive
James Vaughan, Corporate Services Director

In Memoriam

Robert John Flynn (Bio)
August 6, 1952 — February 20, 2015

Capt. Joseph Frohnhoefer
1944 – March 24, 2015